This project demonstrates a simple AngularJS application using controllers, filters, factories and directives.

Angular Core Dependency: 1.2.15

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Module Description

AngularJS Song rating app

This small web application demonstrates the features of AngularJS. In this example I'm using controllers, filters, factories and directives. Also various concepts and attributes of AngularJS are explained. I''m using this aplication in a tutorial series of mine to introduce AngularJS, so make sure to read it ( if you''re interested.


Clone this repo and install all dependencies by using bower install. If you're not interested in Bower you can still manually install al libraries.



AngularJS is an MVC framework for the front-end written by Google. It allows you to follow the MVC design pattern and to loosely couple your view and the logic behind it. This improves the design of your application and it makes it easier to test it as well.

Twitter Bootstrap

Twitter Bootstrap is a responsive UI library written by Twitter.

Font awesome

Font Awesome is an iconic font which can be used to display many icons onto your web application.


Lo-dash is a utility belt for JavaScript and provides utilities for functions, objects and collections.


Underscore.string is a utility library for String manipulating in JavaScript.

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