A directive to get a smooth scroll effect

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Module Description


AngularJS directives to get a smooth scroll effect (like this: Pure vanilla JS and jQuery versions.

#How to use it?


Here is a demo Plunkr:


Build your own copy

  1. Build Coffeescript grunt coffee:dist
  2. Copy generated JS in .tmp folder and include it

Get the last version

Copy the last version from the dist/scripts folder

Via Twitter Bower (

Run bower install angular-smoothscroll in your project

###Add the dependency to your app Declare an AngularJS module with a dependency: app.module('myApp', ['angularSmoothscroll'])

##Vanilla JS (to improve, too fast)

Just declare an HTML link element which will start scroll, add the smooth-scroll directive and pass the target ID: <a smooth-scroll target="target">Scroll to Target</a>

##jQuery version Declare an HTML link element which will start scroll, add the smooth-scroll-jquery directive and pass the target ID: <a smooth-scroll-jquery target="target">Scroll to Target</a>. No target means scroll to top.

You can declare the speed (default is 500): <a smooth-scroll-jquery target="target" speed="1000">Scroll to Target</a>

With both versions, you can declare the offset (default is 100): <a smooth-scroll[-jquery] target="target" offset="30">Scroll to Target</a>

#How to contribute?

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Make your changes
  3. Test them: grunt test
  4. Open a pull-request

#To improve

  1. Vanilla JS implementation which is not working very well
  2. Make the Angular JS unit tests pass (cf.

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