Handy AngularJS factory for SignalR Hubs

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Module Description


A handy wrapper for SignalR Hubs. Just specify the hub name, listening functions, and methods that you're going to use.


####Bower bower install angular-signalr-hub

####Nuget install-package AngularJs.SignalR.Hub


<script type="text/javascript" src="js/signalr-hub.js"></script>


  1. Include the signalr-hub.js script provided by this component into your app
  2. add SignalR as a module dependency to your app
  3. Call new Hub with two parameters
var hub = new Hub('hubname',options);


.factory('Employees',['$rootScope','Hub', '$timeout', function($rootScope, Hub, $timeout){

    //declaring the hub connection
    var hub = new Hub('employee', {
        //client side methods
            'lockEmployee': function (id) {
                var employee = find(id);
                employee.Locked = true;
            'unlockEmployee': function (id) {
                var employee = find(id);
                employee.Locked = false;
        //server side methods
        methods: ['lock','unlock'],
        //query params sent on initial connection
            'token': 'exampletoken'

        //handle connection error
        errorHandler: function(error){
        //specify a non default root
        //rootPath: '/api
        stateChanged: function(state){
            switch (state.newState) {
                case $.signalR.connectionState.connecting:
                    //your code here
                case $.signalR.connectionState.connected:
                    //your code here
                case $.signalR.connectionState.reconnecting:
                    //your code here
                case $.signalR.connectionState.disconnected:
                    //your code here

    var edit = function (employee) {
        hub.lock(employee.Id); //Calling a server method
    var done = function (employee) {
        hub.unlock(employee.Id); //Calling a server method

    return {
        editEmployee: edit,
        doneWithEmployee: done


  • listeners client side callbacks
  • methods a string array of server side methods which the client can call
  • rootPath sets the root path for the signalR web service
  • queryParams object representing additional query params to be sent on connection
  • errorHandler function(error) to handle hub connection errors
  • logging enable/disable logging
  • useSharedConnection use a shared global connection or create a new one just for this hub, defaults to true
  • transport sets transport method (e.g 'longPolling' or ['webSockets', 'longPolling'])
  • DEPRECATED hubDisconnected function() to handle hub connection disconnected event
  • stateChanged function() to handle hub connection state changed event


A simple demo using OData, Signalr, and Angular

It's an adaption of turanuk's great SignalR demo with Knockout.

##Simple Chat Demo

This sample starts off with the MVC-SignalR chat sample by Tim Teebken and Patrick Fletcher.

This sample is then reworked (in a quick and dirty way) to show how to go about using the chathub from angular by using the angular-signalr-hub.

Some extra NuGet packages are added to the project. (check out the packages.config file) An app folder was added for the angular app, in which the following was added:

  • a module (signalRChatApp)
  • a factory (ChatService)
  • a controller (ChatController)
  • an html page

Modifications were made to the following files:

  • BundleConfig.cs
  • RouteConfig.cs
  • HomeController.cs
  • Global.asax.cs
  • Startup.cs
  • Index.cshtml

In the app folder for the angular app, there is a ChatService which uses the angular-signalr-hub. The hub in this case is the ChatHub in this project.

Download the full sample here.

The sample is provided as is. There are soms issues with the way it is set up, but it does the trick in showing in showing how to use the angular-signalr-hub in an easy to reproduce app.


  • I would recommend creating a factory or service around the Hub so that you have an easy to use "model handler" that can include SignalR and Web API calls and be easily pulled into any controller
  • For an example of Web API, SignalR, and Angular working together check out this small demo I adapted from turanuk's SignalR demo with Knockout

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