A fixed header table directive for AngularJS

Angular Core Dependency: ~1.2

Module License: MIT

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Module Description


Yet another table directive for AngularJS.

This one features a fixed header that elegantly handles overly-long column header names.

Other features:

  • Scroll to row
  • Sortable header with custom comparator functions
  • Resizable columns

Usage: angular.module('myApp', ['scrollable-table', ...]);


<scrollable-table watch="visibleProjects">
  <table class="table table-striped table-bordered">
         <th sortable-header col="facility">Facility</th>
      <tr ng-repeat="proj in visibleProjects" row-id="{{ proj.facility }}" 
          ng-class="{info: selected == proj.facility}" >
        <td>{{ proj.facility }}</td>

where the controller contains

    $scope.visibleProjects = [{
      facility: "Atlanta",
      code: "C-RD34",
      cost: 540000,
      conditionRating: 52,
      extent: 100,
      planYear: 2014
    }, ...];
    $scope.$watch('selected', function(fac) {
       $scope.$broadcast("rowSelected", fac);

Third-party dependencies:

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap 3 CSS (for styling, optional. See the 'bootstrap2' branch also)

Demo here:

More infomation here:

License: MIT


8/22/14 : Created a 'bootstrap2' branch. Merged a pull request into master that supports bootstrap 2 and resizable columns.

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