An AngularJS directive to dynamically scroll to any element on your page


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An AngularJS directive to dynamically scroll to any element on your page


Check out the live demo or the source code.


via bower:

$ bower install angular-scroll-when --save


  1. Include bb.scrollWhen as a dependency for your app
angular.module('myApp', ['bb.scrollWhen'])
  1. Add the directive to any element you want to monitor/scroll to
<tr ng-repeat="item in items track by" scroll-when=" ===">

This is the most basic example, any time your selectedItem matches an item in your repeat, your browser will automatically scroll to that element.


You can pass through additional attributes to the directive to modify the behaviour:


If you need to continuously evaluate the expression you pass through, then set this to true. It is set to false by default to avoid adding unnecessary watchers to your $scope.

Enable this if you are going to programatically change objects tracked by your expression

<tr scroll-when=" ===" scroll-watch-enabled="true" ng-repeat="item in items track by">


Adjust the speed at which the scroll animation runs

<tr scroll-when=" ===" scroll-speed="300" ng-repeat="item in items track by">


Adjust the offsetTop amount (subtracts from the elements current top value) in pixels.

<tr scroll-when=" ===" scroll-offset="400" ng-repeat="item in items track by">


If your element is inside a container with an overflow property, then set your container selector here, the directive will then scroll through the container instead of the DOM itself.

<tr scroll-when=" ===" scroll-container="#item-container" ng-repeat="item in items track by">

You can see an example of this in the live demo

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