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Module Description

angular-scroll-complete is a directive for AngularJS to evaluate an expression when the bottom of the directive's element approaches the bottom of the scroll bar on percent completion, which can be used to implement infinite scrolling.


Check out the running demo at

angular-scroll-complete Scroll

Getting Started

  • Download angular-scroll-complete from or install it with:
  • Bower via bower install angular-scroll-complete
  • Include the script tag on your page after the AngularJS
  • Ensure that your application module specifies angular-scroll-complete as a dependency:

angular.module('myApplication', ['angular-scroll-complete']);

  • Use the directive by specifying an when-scrolled attribute on an element.

<div id="fixed" when-scrolled="loadMore()" percent="70">

When scroll complete brodcast event to notify directive scroll is completed $scope.$broadcast('scrollCompleted')

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