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Module Description


This is a module intended for AngularJS apps working with the Ruby on Rails asset pipeline. This is useful if you plan on using HAML as a preprocessor for your templates.

I'm currently facing problems with recompiling the file in development - right now the file serves assets without fingerprinting as a temporary measure, but I hope to find a fix soon


Add the angular-rails-assets.js.erb file into your assets directory, and require it in your application.js file.


railsAssets is an object with filenames as keys and asset paths as values. The filenames do not have preprocessor extensions - so path/to/template.html.haml will be just path/to/template.html. Note that only html files are loaded.

// Include the module
angular.module('your-module', ['angular-rails-assets']);

// Inject railsAssets where required
  .directive('your-directive', funtion (railsAssets) {
    return {
      restrict: //...
      // Don't include post-processor extensions like .haml into the filename
      templateUrl: railsAssets['your-template.html'],
      scope: {
        // ...
       * directive stuff...

/* You can inject the assets into a config block for your routes,
 * since it is loaded as a constant
  .config(function ($routeProvider, railsAssets) {

    $routeProvider.when('/some-route', {
      templateUrl: railsAssets['template-name.html'],
      controller: 'YourController'

Mocking for tests

If you include angular-rails-assets-mock.js in your tests, it merely replaces railsAssets with an empty object

Setting up the rails asset pipeline to use HAML

First ensure you have the haml gem in your Gemfile:

gem 'haml'

To enable haml for assets, add this in config/initializers/haml_assets.rb (or some other initializer):

Rails.application.assets.register_engine '.haml', Tilt::HamlTemplate

And you're set. I personally put all my angularJS templates in app/assets/templates. I can get the path of the file app/assets/templates/killer-template.html.haml with:


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