AngularJS + Express application that demonstrates: Authentication with Passport, CRUD interface for creating posts with mongoDB, server and client validations for account creation, and authorization for editing posts.

Angular Core Dependency: ~1.2.1

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Module Description


An AngularJS application that uses Express, Passport, MongoDB. Demonstrating:

  • Authentication using Passport
  • Account creation and server validation with Mongoose.
  • CRUD interface for creating posts with MongoDB
  • Client validations for account creation including a directive for validating if a username is available.
  • Authorization middleware for checking if you are allowed to edit a post.
  • Unit tests for client code

Live Example

Try out the app: (Heroku app may have gone to sleep, reload the page if it doesn't work.)

How to use angular-passport

Before you continue, make sure you have MongoDB installed


Run npm install, followed by bower install to grab the dependencies.

Running the app

Run grunt server to start the app in development mode with livereload, or run grunt server:dist to run it in a minified and optimized production build.


Run grunt test to start the karma test runner.

Directory structure

+---server.js           -> Bootstrap Server
+---app                 -> Client
|   +---scripts
|   |   +---controllers
|   |   +---directives
|   |   \---services
|   |
|   +---styles
|   \---views
|       \---partials
|           \---blogs
+---lib                 -> Server
|   +---config
|   +---controllers
|   +---db
|   \---models
+---test                -> Client unit tests

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