A namespaced module loader for angularjs (experimental)

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A namespaced module loader for angularjs (experimental).

// Declare a bunch of modules usind dot-seperated module names
angular.rlmodule('foo.directives.MyDirective', [])
angular.rlmodule('foo.directives.AnotherDirective', [])
angular.rlmodule('foo.directives.YetAnotherDirective', [])

angular.rlmodule('', [])
angular.rlmodule('', [])
angular.rlmodule('', [])

// Include your modules similarly to Java's import ___.* convention
angular.rlmodule('foo.controllers.MyController', ['', 'foo.directives'])
<!-- It also works in your HTML -->


Maybe you've seen other Angular projects that have app.js files scattered around. Often, all these files do is bundle other modules. I like to avoid boiler-plate code.

This script adds an additional module method to angular's API. The method is called rlmodule() and is almost identical to angular's module() method. (It's a wrapper for angular's module() method.)


There are a few known bugs with this version of this extension.

Don't declare any components on a module bundle.

angular.rlmodule('foo.config', []).constant('FOO', 'BAR')
angular.rlmodule('foo.config.submodule', []).constant('ZIP', 'ZAP')

When rlmodule builds the bundles, it will overwrite the FOO. This is a known bug. Until it gets fixed, please avoid stacking names like this.

Also, by default, ngmin doesn't seem to recognize calls to rlmodule - therefore, it won't protect you from uglifying variable names and totally breaking your project when you minify it.

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