An AngularJS friendly implementation of Ben Kamens jQuery-menu-aim

Angular Core Dependency: 1.3.15

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angular-menu-aim is a AngularJS friendly port of jQuery Menu Aim.


bower install angular-menu-aim
  1. Include build/flyout-tpls.min.js
  2. Link src/flyout.css (or copy it into your your own CSS)
  3. Include neilff.flyout-tpls into your Angular dependencies
  4. Use the provided HTML structure


    ng-repeat="item in categories track by $index">
      {{ }}
      <p>{{ }}</p>


  1. Simple
  2. Monkeys
  3. eCommerce



Refers to the wrapper for the navigation menu, supports the following properties:

  • visible {Boolean} (required) - Is the menu visible or not. Used to trigger menu visiblity from a button.
  • selector {String} (optional) - CSS selector for the flyout-item. Defaults to popover.
  • tolerance {Integer} (optional) - how much tolerance to allow when user is entering submenu (default: 500)
  • delay {Integer} (optional) - how long (in milliseconds) to wait when user is entering submenu (default: 1000)
  • direction {String} (optional) - the direction of the submenu (right, left, below, above) (default: right)
  • enter {Function} (optional) - callback to execute when row is entered (default: set menu height)
  • exit {Function} (optional) - callback to execute when row is exited (default: nothing)
  • activate {Function} (optional) - callback to execute when row is activated (default: set menu height)
  • deactivate {Function} (optional) - callback to execute when row is deactivated (default: nothing)
  • exitmenu {Function} (optional) - callback to execute when user exits the menu (default: close menu)

Acts as a wrapper for each item in the menu. ng-repeat over this to build the menu items.


Acts as a wrapper for the item link, this will appear in the menu flyout as the top level navigation items.


Acts as a wrapper for the item content, this will appear when a users hovers over a flyout-item.

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