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Module Description

JSON Editor Angular directive

A directive that wraps jdorn's json-editor.

JSON Editor takes a JSON Schema and uses it to generate an HTML form.

For further information about supported schema properties and usage, check out the original json-editor.


The module doesn't include the original json-editor code, but it is included in it's bower dependencies.


Install via bower

bower install angular-json-editor --save

Then include the directive and json-editor in your html (you can also use the minified versions)

<script src="bower_components/json-editor/dist/jsoneditor.js"></script>
<script src="bower_components/angular-json-editor/angular-json-editor.js"></script>


The directive supports both synchronous and asynchronous values, all values can be either a scope object, or a promise returned from $q, $http, $timeout, $resource etc. Please check out demo/index.html and demo/app.js for an example usage of both scenarios.


The directive exposes an isValid property on the scope, which can be used to enable/disable show/hide buttons using ng-disabled/ng-enabled or ng-hide/ng-show.

<button type="button" ng-disabled="!isValid">Button 1</button>


The directive allows you to pass a callback function through the on-change attribute that will be called whenever a change event is fired on the editor.

    <json-editor schema="mySchema" startval="myStartVal" buttons-controller="SyncButtonsController" on-change="onChange()">

Configuration and Plugins

Configuring the JSONEditor object for plugins and styling is possible by injecting the JSONEditorProvider to your config function and calling the configure method. The object you pass to configure will be merged with the JSONEditor object.

    angular.module('demoApp', ['angular-json-editor']).config(function (JSONEditorProvider) {
            plugins: {
                sceditor: {
                    style: 'sce/development/jquery.sceditor.default.css'
            defaults: {
                options: {
                    iconlib: 'bootstrap3',
                    theme: 'bootstrap3',
                    ajax: true


Clone the project, install bower and npm dependencies by running

bower install && npm install

If you dont have grunt-cli installed globally run npm install -g grunt-cli

Then run grunt and look in the dist folder.

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