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Module Description


With this directive you can build rating inputs easily.

Look! A demo!

Installation via bower

    bower install angular-input-stars

Inject it

    angular.module('app', ['angular-input-stars'])


    <input-stars max="5" ng-model=""></input-stars>

You can customize the full, empty and base icon classes via attributes

    <input-stars max="5" icon-full="fa-circle" icon-base="fa fa-fw" icon-empty="fa-circle-o" ng-model=""></input-stars>

Unlike icon-base, on icon-full and icon-empty you must specify only one class, but that is all you need : ]

You can customize the list class to whatever you want

    <input-stars max="5" list-class="shiny-list" ng-model=""></input-stars>

You can make it readonly thanks to @anjorinjnr

    <input-stars max="10" list-class="shiny-list" ng-model="" readonly ></input-stars>
    <input-stars max="10" list-class="shiny-list" ng-model="" readonly="true" ></input-stars>
    <input-stars max="10" list-class="shiny-list" ng-model="" readonly="readonly" ></input-stars>

The .css file is optional and it is a bootstrap for customizations.

##Dependencies This directive uses FontAwesome as fallback if you don't specify any icon class.


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