Google Chart Tools AngularJS Directive Module


Angular Core Dependency: >1.2.8

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Module Description

Google Chart Tools Directive Module

for AngularJS


Wrapper directive for Google Chart Tools

A note on branches

Developpement branch is gh-pages.

Release branch is master (idealy), and was created just because Bower needed it.

Please send your pull requests to gh-pages.

Usage and Demo

See sample files index.html and controllers in partials directory. Live Demo

Other samples


Chart Data doc

See ChartWrapper and DataTable documentation.

Release notes


  • Revert to AngularJS 1.2.x as requested by user.
  • Changed Charts API loader config from a constant to a value to accomodate the use of localization localization features.
  • Add before-draw event callback attribute, allowing for last-minute changes from user's javascript (like dynamically resizing chart area for responsive designs).
  • Added French local sample.
  • Fixed issue where changing view properties didn't cause a redraw.


  • Fixed bug with Formatter implementation.
  • Fix issue where Select listener function was not called for unselect events.
  • Fixed some issues where drawing the chart triggered another call to draw the chart.
  • select attribute is now deprecated, to be removed in a future release. Replaced with on-select to keep naming consistent with on-ready.


  • Load Google Charts API with https as default protocol.
  • Support for Custom Formatters
  • Added and Reorganized Samples
  • Improved IE Compatability for API Loading


Exposing a factory googleChartApiPromise which is a Promise resolved when the google global object is correctly initialized.


Removed jQuery dependency.


Advanced chart formatter are available. Therefore, compatibility is broken withe the previous version of NumberFormat. Check the demo for usage.


The module is now named googlechart (instead of googlechart.directives)

Out of luck ?

Try another AngularJS directive that use Highcharts.

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