AngularJS module for showing off your public Github activity.

Angular Core Dependency: v1.2.0-rc.2

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Module Description

Angular Github Activity Build Status


An AngularJS directive module for showing off your public Github activity.


  1. bower install --save angular-github-activity
  2. Include dependencies in your HTML.
  3. Use the github-activity directive.


The github.activity module requires a dependency of ngResource for service calls made to Github API

The templates expect /fonts which contain iconography so make sure to include those as well. You can customize templates to change the icons or remove them entirely.

<link href="app.css" /> <!-- Your application css and overrides -->
<link href="github-activity.css" /> <!-- Find this in /release -->

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="app.js"></script> <!-- Your angular app -->
<script src="github-activity.js"></script> <!-- Find this in /release -->


See the homepage for a live example.

<div github-activity events="events" options="options"></div>



The data attribute expects an array returned through the GithubActivityService callback:{
    //Github API supports CORS as well. (
    Github API rate limits to (60 requests per hour) for anonymous requests. (

    If you need more (5000 requests per hour) you can generate a "scope-less" (access_token) for your app and is safe for client side code:
    1. First register a new app by following:
        --> "Developer Applications"
        --> "Register new application"
    2. Register a "scope-less" (access_token) via cURL call using that <client_id> and <client_secret> you just made.
        # curl -X PUT -H "application/json" -d
          '{"client_secret":"<client_secret>","scopes":[],"note":"no scope public access"}'
          -u <username>
    3. Your response shoud look something like this and generate a scope-less (token):
          "id": 1234567,
          "url": "",
          "app": {
            "name": "Angular Github Activity",
            "url": "",
            "client_id": "123456712345671234567"
          "token": "76841d7b319dc8bb2c731365d38b74b25ab00126", //<-- This is what you want
          "note": "no scope public access",
          "note_url": null,
          "created_at": "2013-10-06T21:06:18Z",
          "updated_at": "2013-10-06T21:06:18Z",
          "scopes": []
    access_token:'76841d7b319dc8bb2c731365d38b74b25ab00126' //<-- Put that bad boy right here.
  $ =;


The options attribute expects an object that supports the following properties:

  • number limit
  • Limits number of events rendered in array passed to data
  • If null, directive will render all events
  • Default: null
$scope.settings = {

Custom Templates

If you wish to change any of the templates or remove dependencies, feel free under /src/views.

Custom iconography can be changed by importing the github-activity.json file found in /src/assets into After downloading a new set, make sure to update the cooresponding CSS in github-activity.less and fonts in /assets/fonts.

You will then have to build the project which will recompile the /release


To build a /release from scratch:

  1. npm install -g grunt-cli bower karma
  2. cd angular-github-activity
  3. npm install
  4. bower install
  5. grunt release

Alternatively, you can grunt watch over your project as you work and point your vhost to /build to see the changes.


Copyright (c) 2013 Daniel Kanze (MIT)

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