(Dropped) An AngularJS module that allows you to flash a notification to the DOM

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Module Description


I am no longer supporting this project. TL;DR : Project dropped.

An AngularJS module that allows you to flash a notification to the DOM.

The primary reason that this was created was due to other modules, although superior in terms of usability and stability, lacks documentation which makes it difficult for others to help, maintain, and improve the tool.

To brag, this tool was meant to be as simple as possible.


  • Not to be better than the existing libraries, but to provide more broad abilities
  • A fully documented source code
  • Custom types, templates, and namespaces (different namespaces introduces us to custom template and types for each). Why? This allows something like Twitter's flash messages (when something goes wrong, it flashes a message on top. For notifications, something pops up on the lower right.)
  1. Getting Started
  2. Extended
  3. API


To use the included example:

Some requirements include:

  • npm
  • nodejs
  • growl (windows users)

To test (on the root directory):

npm install -g bower
npm install -g gulp
npm install



Check wiki:screenies

To do

For more updates, do check the Trello


Check wiki:changelog

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