Advance angular tool for flash messaging

Angular Core Dependency: ~1.2.0

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Module Description


Advanced angular tool for flash messaging. I've seen a few decent flash messaging tools out there for angular, but they always seemed to be missing a few features I needed/liked. So here is angular-flash. Note: it uses twitter bootstrap class names in the directive by default.


To install in your app, simply run:

    bower install angular-flare

Then, make sure to add it to the dependencies in your app definition:

    var myApp = angular.module('myApp', ['angular-flare']);

Make sure to have the messages displayed somewhere (you can use the built in directive which leverages twitter bootstrap classes, or you can roll your own).

    <div ng-view>

Now you can start adding it to your controllers/services/etc. Example usage:

    myApp.controller('MyCtrl', function MyCtrl($scope, flare) {'Yay!');

This will added a flare message that can be dismissed via the cross (x) button inside the created div. You can also add a timeout to clear the message automatically

    myApp.controller('MyCtrl', function MyCtrl($scope, flare) {
        flare.warn('Uh oh...', 1000);

This message will automatically self-destruct after 1 second.

** These messages are persisted in the service vs the directive, so they will still display across views, as long as you have the flare-messages directive (or your own). **


MIT license, go nuts.

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