An easy way way to share the current page on an AngularJS app with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Tina Holly
Tina Holly

Module Description

AngularJS Easy Social Share

An easy way way to share the current page on an AngularJS app with Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

This directive uses URL links to share your page's content on each of the social media networks and therefore doesn't require the use of an app ID.

View a demo here.


This repository can be installed using Bower:

bower install angular-easy-social-share --save
grunt bower-install


This directive requires Font Awesome. Installing using Bower should download the required dependency but Font Awesome may need to be referenced manually.

  1. Make sure easy-social-share.js is included.
  2. Add td.easySocialShare as an app dependency.
  3. Use the share-links directive in your view's HTML as follows:
<div share-square="true" share-links="Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google-Plus" share-title="Article Title"></div>


If you would like to use the square version of Font Awesome, be sure to include the attribute share-square="true" otherwise it will use the version without the square.

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