Provides an angular module for drag and drop behavior,

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Module Description


And Angularjs module to implement HTML5 Drag And Drop behavior.


Read abou HTML5 Drag&Drop (be curious)

For better understanding, read at:

Draggable :: directive

Draggable attribute must contain the model which will be passed to the droppable. e.g

where myModel is in the parent controller scope.

It supports the following attributes as well:

  • dropOn: drop-on: array|string This defines on which droppables it can be dropped only (those with given drop-id's).
  • dragImageAttr: drag-image: array|string Where array format allows to pass x and y offsets e.g [images/dragIcon.png, 0, 10]
  • effectAllowed: effect-allowed: string This can be one between copy, move, link, copyLink, copyMove, all, none, uninitialized
  • onDragStart: on-drag-start: function
  • onDrag: on-drag: function
  • onDragEnd: on-drag-end: function

Droppable :: directive

It supports the following attributes:

  • dropId: on-drop-id: string This identifies uniquely this droppable, in such a way that draggables containing it in array or string format, will be able to drop in it.
  • onDragEnter: on-drag-enter: function
  • onDragOver: on-drag-over: function
  • onDrop: on-drop: function


The draggable and droppable directives don't have an isolated scope as might be expected.
This is done by design because if an isolated scope was set, then inner elements containg the directive wouldn't reach parent scope,
giving undesired results if for example when the directive is being used with a ng-repeat.

This comes with a cost:
In the controller, you will need to use angular.bind or keeping a variable to reference controlelr $scope
since inside the dragging methods you subscribe, they will be called with a different binding.

jQuery -- free--

You might see the word jQuery in the module but in fact, that's needed to make it work with/without jQuery presence.
It depends on Angular.element.
What happens is that if jQuery is present, the bound events will have the dragging real event on the 'originalEvent' property
thus the 'dataTransfer' property wiil be on event if jQuery is not present and on 'event.originalEvent' if it is,
then, for sake of being NO jQuery depending it is being checked and pointing to the right event properties.

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