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Module Description


This is an angular wrapper for twitter fabric's digits sdk. It bridges the gap between Angular's digest cycle and the foreign SDK by applying the asynchronous events to the digest cycle. It also provides convenient models to provide insight to the responses from the API (if the workflow was closed by the user, popup was blocked, etc).

Example usage

angular.module('app', ['atticoos.digits'])

.config(function (DigitsProvider) {
  // configure the provider before the application's run phase

.run(function (Digits) {
  Digits.login().then(function (loginResponse) {
    // successfully logged in
  }).catch(function (error) {
    // a decorated error object describing the issue logging in
    if (error.wasPopupBlocked()) {
      // popup blocked
    } else if (error.wasWindowClosed()) {
      // user closed the window
    } else {
      // something else

Response Objects

This wrapper comes with some convenient models for better transparency of state and response information from the Digits SDK. It is suggested by the Digits SDK Docs that you securely verify the response data when logging in.

Login Response

Digits.login().then(function (loginResponse) { });


Returns: Object

Returns the headers used to perform verification of the login response (X-Verify-Credentials-Authorization and X-Auth-Service-Provider)

  authorization: 'xx',
  url: 'https://xx'

Error Response

Digits.login().catch(function (loginError) { });


Returns: Boolean

Indicates if the workflow was aborted directly by the user closing the window before the process had completed


Returns: Boolean

Indicates if the browser prevented the workflow by blocking the popup


The type attribute from the original response object


The message attribute from the original response object

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