A cache-busting module for angularjs (1.1.5 or higher)

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Module Description


###What it needs

  • The only requirement is angular 1.1.5 or higher (included in the bower dependency file)

###How it works

  • Include the file in your page and add the 'cacheBuster' module to your angular.module definition
angular.module('yourModule', ['cacheBuster']);
  • (the cacheBuster module takes care of the rest)

###Behind the scenes

  • The cache buster is an interceptor that appends a query param cachebuster with a random number to the end of the url just before the http request goes out.
  • Before it updates its checks the $templateCache to see if the url key exists there. If there is a template in the $templateCache the query param is not added.
    • This means if you use angular-ui's templated code the templates will still get loaded

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