AngularJS directive for adding an event to calendar apps

Angular Core Dependency: >=1.3.0

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An AngularJS directive for adding an event to calendar apps. It supports .ics files for iCalendar and Outlook and also supports Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar and Microsoft Calendar.


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  1. Add source


    bower install angular-addtocalendar --save


    npm i angular-addtocalendar --save
  2. If you're using webpack, you need to require the module.


    with es6:

    import 'angular-addtocalendar';
  3. Inject the dependency jshor.angular-addtocalendar into your app:

      .module('myApp', [


For a demo, please click here.


    title="Fourth of July Fireworks"
    location="Battery Park City, New York, NY"
    class-name="btn btn-sm btn-default dropdown-toggle"
    description="Celebrate the independence of the United States with fireworks in one of the greatest cities in the world."
    btn-text="Add to calendar">


| Attribute | Description | Format | Example | Required | |----------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ |-------------- | | title | Name of the event. | String | Fourth of July Fireworks | Yes | | description | Description of the event. | String, defaults to empty | Celebrate the independence of the United States with fireworks in one of the greatest cities in the world. | No | | location | Location of the event. | Plain text | Battery Park City, New York, NY | Yes | | start-date | The timestamp of when the event begins. | Date string. Should match format of end-date or format. | July 4 2017 7:00 PM UTC+500 | Yes | | end-date | The timestamp of when the event ends. | Date string. Should match format of start-date or format. | July 4 2017 10:00 PM UTC+500 | Yes | | format | The format that the start-date and end-date are in. May include timezone. | mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm:ss Z | MMMM d YYYY h:m A Z | No | |timezone| Any valid [momentjs UTC offset]( | Moment | America/New_York | No | |class-name| The desired class for the dropdown. See [styling](). | Bootstrap class/plain text. Defaultbtn btn-sm btn-default dropdown-toggle| btn btn-sm btn-default dropdown-toggle | No | |btn-text| Text for the button to display | Plain text. DefaultAdd to calendar| Add to calendar | No | |uib-dropdown| Only use this if you're using a version of ui-bootstrap<= 1.12.0| |null| No | |caret| Whether to use the caret. | String interpreted as boolean Default:true| false | No | |hover-text` | Text to use as the title of the element. | String Default: value of title attribute | Add to calendar | No |



Browser Support

All browsers support adding to Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google calendars. Below is the current support for downloading .ics files for Outlook and iCalendar.

| Browser | .ics Support | |-------------------|--------------| | Internet Explorer | 9.0+ | | Edge | Yes | | Safari | No support* | | Firefox | 20.0+ | | Opera | 15.0+ | | Chrome | 14.0+ | | Android | 4.4+ |

  • iCalendar (ironically) and Outlook do not work due to well-known file saving bug in Safari.


Please report all bugs here.


Available here.

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