About ngmodules.com

NGMODULES.COM aims to be #1 for finding the very best AngularJS modules, directives, services and resources. Ngmodules.com aspires to be more than just an AngularJS module directory by providing advanced features and promoting AngularJS module recommended coding practices to improve the quality of community developed AngularJS modules. This will help us develop better quality AngularJS modules and thus lead to increased coding productivity.

Don't reinvent the wheel, use ngModules and unlock the power of AngularJS! Sam Deering Sam Deering

Core focus of the project

  1. Promote AngularJS. We use, love it and believe it has staying power and will grow in value as AngularJS trends suggest.
  2. Promote AngularJS Module Guidelines and Best Practices. It is out duty as developers to promote good guidelines and follow them. There are so many modules which do not meet fundamental requirements. This is a shame. Shouldn't we view these modules as building blocks for the modern day websites and the next generation of web apps and hybrid apps?
  3. Provide AngularJS Developers with Useful Information. We will establish a qualitative process of filtering through thousands of open source developed modules to find the best ones. But instead of it taking us hours, it should take minutes, if not seconds to self evaluate a module based on relevent quantified statistics. In short, we will do the heavy lifting to provide statistical information with regards to:
    • Angular Core Version Dependency
    • Module License
    • Module Folder/Coding Structure
    • Modules which are Actively Maintained/Supported
    • Module Testability
    • Module Dependency Analysis
    • Module Social Popularity/Trends
    • Module Documentation Quality, Examples and Demos
    • Suggest one!?
  4. Saving and Sharing Favourite Modules. So you can build a list of modules you use and trust so you can find them easily to use in future projects. You can also share/recommend this list to other developers who work with or mentor.
  5. Keep AngularJS Developers Up-to-Date on New Modules. Get informed on new modules that have been released either by subscribing to a weekly email newsletter. This email should be opt-in and should also contain an evaluation of the module.


Current features released:

  • Search for Modules
  • Login with Github
  • CRUD a Module
  • Favourite a Module
  • Browse Modules by Categories and Tags
  • User Profiles Owned/Added/Fav Modules
  • Search by Angular Core Dependency New!
  • Search by Module License New!
  • Cron Jobs Keeping Module Stats Fresh New!
  • Added HTTPS Secure SSL to site New!

Features currently in development:

  • Weekly Opt-in Newsletter
  • Helpful Blog Articles on Module Guidelines and Best Practices
  • Module Commenting/Discussions and Relaying Information to Module Authors

Dream features:

  • Advanced Analysis of Modules - following specific criterion evaluation
  • Advanced Module Statistics - discussions and live trending
  • Integration of Module Demos - and coding examples to help developers get started with modules
  • User Module Recognition/Contribution Awards
  • International Support

Suggestions and Feedback

If you have any ideas about features please you can either open an issue on GitHub or drop me a tweet on Twitter. This project is currently not open source, but may be in the future.